The Outdoor Experience 

with Blake Alma

The Outdoorman's Art Media

2015 - 2018

In August 2018, with a heavy heart, Blake Alma stepped away from the spotlight as an outdoor advocate and personality, a role that had become a defining part of his identity since his youth. His journey in the outdoor industry, spanning four years, was marked not only by his remarkable achievements but also by a shift in the way his work was received. As he grew older, Blake found himself facing a tide of harsh, unforgiving criticism from detractors, overshadowing the warmth and acceptance he once felt in the outdoor community. This relentless negativity, coupled with the transitions of leaving his teenage years behind, led him to relinquish his hosting duties on The Outdoor Experience and other outdoor roles.
Before his departure, Blake had hoped to pass the torch to his younger co-host, but their paths diverged due to deep religious disagreements. He then turned to a close, inspiring friend, a handicapped sportsman, to carry on his legacy. However, after heartfelt conversations and introspection, his friend felt called by God to pursue a different path, a decision Blake respected with understanding. Consequently, Blake chose not to renew his contract with the Hunt Channel, leading to the discontinuation of his show on CarbonTV.
Now residing in Lebanon, Ohio, since February 2022, Blake continues to cherish the beauty of God's great outdoors, finding a growing passion for fishing. Embracing a quieter life since stepping back from outdoor media, he embarked on a new venture in January 2020, creating CoinHub, a blog dedicated to coin collecting and precious metals. His venture has flourished, amassing over 1,800,000 followers and 250 million views on social media, where he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm across various social platforms.
In the words he once shared in his high school graduation speech, "The world behind me, the cross before me," Blake Alma continues to navigate life with a spirit shaped by faith, nature, and a relentless pursuit of new horizons.