Blake Alma
Founder of coinhub media

23-Year-Old TV/Radio Host, Conservative, Creationist, & Numismatist

My generation, blind to numismatic worth...It falls to me, this task, to prove its earth. - Blake Alma


Social Media's Favorite Coin Dealer!

CoinHub was founded by Blake Alma on January 22, 2020.

Join Blake on CoinHub, where he dives deep into the world of coins, minting mistakes, and precious metals. With a community of more than 1.7 million enthusiasts, he shares his expertise and insights in this fascinating field!

best-selling author

The CoinHub

The CoinHub by Blake Alma, a celebrated figure in the social media world of CoinHub with over 1.7 million followers, is your essential pocket guide to U.S. coin errors, offering an engaging, informative journey through the history, beauty, and value of rare coin errors, complemented by stunning photographs, detailed descriptions, and an accessible style that caters to both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts in the riveting world of numismatics.

Blake is the author of:

The CoinHub

An Ultimate Guide to Coin Errors

Discover the intriguing world of U.S. coin errors with Blake Alma's 'The CoinHub,' a comprehensive yet accessible guide featuring stunning visuals and insights, popular among his 1.5 million CoinHub social media followers.

An Outdoorsman's Heart

The Outdoors Through My Eyes

In "An Outdoorsman's Heart," 17-year-old Hunt Channel TV host Blake Alma recounts his journey from a non-outdoorsy upbringing in Cincinnati to a celebrated outdoor personality, sharing experiences with notable guests and his steadfast commitment to Christian, conservative values amidst America's social challenges.

The Outdoorsman's Legacy

Letters of Faith and Fortitude

In 'The Outdoorsman's Legacy,' Blake Alma takes us further along his heartfelt journey that began in 'An Outdoorsman's Heart.' This book, a deeply personal collection of letters, shares Blake's growth from a young, passionate enthusiast of the outdoors to a mature individual facing the complexities of life with courage and faith.